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Aluminum & Iron Casting NDT Real-time Imaging X-ray UNC320


It is widely applied to inspect all kind of casting,NDT for air bubble,porosity and unwanted foreign.The equipment is applicable objects for NDT of cylinder welding defects and body,sidewall,lap,Crown steel cord and steel belt of tyre slag inclusion,crack,loosen and other flaws in hubs,pressure vessel,refractory material,bullet,boilr welded pipe and screwy pipe.


High reliable and long life,low breakdown;
High definition and resolution FPD;
High definition and resolution FPD;
C-arm fixture design enabling five-axis motion detection(optional automatic lift and descend);
Multi-functional workstation,360°rotation and shift;
User friendly software design for easy interfacing can facilitate,customized software;
High penetration, Voltage up to 450KV,Maximum penetration thickness up to 80mm for "Fe";
Detection area:Φ500*800mm;
Loading weight:100KG.

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