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Technology is ever changing. New and emerging processing technologies and materials give new products and new designs next-level inspiration and functionality.

We are committed to introducing different new technologies and partners to provide innovative processing solutions integrated with our reliable partners’ manufacturing platform.

We create unprecedented business opportunities for our customers thanks to our effort and well known global partners.

Nox Technology
SSR Semi-Solid Rheocasting
Magnesium Die-casting

Magnesium is the light-weight champion of all die casting metals.

  • Longer tool life
  • Easiest alloy to machine
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Excellent for thin-wall, complex parts
  • Excellent noise and vibration dampening properties
  • Provides excellent EMI & RFI shielding
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Light weight (75% lighter than steel, 33% lighter than aluminum) with high strength
  • Magnesium parts scrap material is 100% recyclable
Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting process

  • Offers a broader range of shapes and components than other manufacturing methods.
  • Little or no machining required post casting process.
  • Low levels of porosity.
  • Good surface texture.
  • Fine micro-structures with higher strength components.
  • No waste material, 100% utilization.

iTherm® product performance 

It has been established that a typical cycle-time improvement for a properly engineered, conformal cooled mold is 20% to 40%. In numerous applications HTS IC achieved an impact on molding cycle time higher than 50%, enabling parts to be produced at twice the rate, eliminated scrap caused by uneven temperature distribution, polymer warpage, casting porosity and soldering, improved product life and wear resistance, thus becoming an important source of savings.

Closed Loop Control

Real Time Regulations

The new pressure control allows to manage the injection pressure and correct it in real time. The force regulation via TPQ valve is much slower. With our new TDP valve you can speed up the process, improving OEE.

Drive Control Pump

Variable speed pump motors

The DCP reduces the consumption of the machine.
It’s basically an asynchronous nominal motor that has equipped an encoder that counts the revolutions with an implementation of the software that manages the motor’s capacity.
The modified vane pump allows up to 60% energy savings on account and maintenance compared to the classic Hydraulic Drive systems.


Laser Control on Sliding Shoes

The Laser Platen foot measurement reads the consumption of the moving floor skates in real time and give immediate feedback, so you can always maintain the stability of the machine.

Analog Fluid Control

Improved performance

The analog fluid control gives us the opportunity to see in real time the fluid level and temperature, fundamental Key Point Indicators to measure and improve machine performance.

Rapid Die Change

Automated Die Change

With the Rapid Die Change package all the die change operations are automatic: changing the mold is much easier and safer, and the machine downtime is dramatically decreased.


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