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Sustainability at Velacast Machine

Velacast Machine will help to create a sustainable society through its corporate activities.

We aim to become a company that is needed by society, the environment will create value together with them. We build all our activities on ethical values. Our biggest source of pride is to know that we are in an indispensable position on our customers’ and business partners’ minds with our fairness, respect and charity within our organization and to customers. We attach importance to teamwork, competitive spirit and focus of success.

While doing so, we will overcome changes and various risks, evolve while looking towards the future with our customers, and aim to become a company that will always be needed. We always fulfill our responsibilities promptly. We work on to get in our business partners’ hand as far as possible. We are sensitive to the environment. In all our business process, adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we aim to contribute minimizing environmental pollution and protecting of nature and environment.

Moreover, we will satisfy the hopes and expectations of our customers because we believe that gaining their trust is indispensable, and to that end we will make even greater corporate efforts in the future.

We are sensitive to people. We also pay attention to employee satisfaction. The happier our employees are, the more successful our work will be. We know that empathy always wins. We respect people, labor and human rights at all times. Our focus is tolerance, empathy and healthy communication. We are in favor of science and change. A new technology is being produced every day of 21st century and both the manufacturing processes and the institutiional values are being redefined. For this reason, we always pay attention ro scientific curiosity and change in order to reach better and be a pioneer.


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