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Designed for high velocity and large size dies.

A shorter machine length compared to similar toggle models and better distribution of tie bar load compensating die thermal expansion automatically, are the most significant advantages.
The clamping unit offers large platen dimensions superior to standard toggle models and make the R range the preferred machine for structural component production as well for very large size dies.
Close loop real time injection control and Idra Bicostant intensification pressure adjustment offer outstanding features in terms of injection velocity, response times and parameter consistency, all fundamental requirements for high integrity casting production as requested by a growing number of customers.

OL R machines represent a new generation of die press machine, with a shorterlength compared to similar toggle models and better distribution of tie bar load compensating die thermal expansion automatically.

The R range has been designed with integrated, modular and compact hydraulic manifolds with very few external pipes to eliminate fluid leaks and facilitate easy maintenance. The machine is environment friendly and remarkable for the low power consumptions since in its standard configuration it is equipped with control of the motors with frequency variators (inverters).

Machines from the R range can be supplied in standard conventional design as well in NOX design, with integrated holding furnace for metal transfer into the injection sleeve avoiding any atmosphere contact and consequent metal oxidation, suitable for heat treatable, weldable structural component production.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. OL CS improves Quality, Performance and Availability (reducing Stop Time).

Forward thinking Eco Complimentary Commitment to the world we live in: it’s IDRA’s mission to work with a green eye on the future, in order lo hand our world to the next generation better than we found it.

The compact mechanical structure and robust dimensions have been designed to provide long life and reliability and allow easy and quick maintenance.

The new award winning Inject Computer 3.0 offers the best in class machine management software, to operate OLCS with great ease of use. Incorporating a multi touch screen and 3D diagnostics with single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.


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