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Powerful Force Transforming the WorldThe LK vision is to provide the cost-effective platform for the world’s manufacturing needs. We deliver reliable and valuable manufacturing solutions that accelerate return on investment in the manufacturing industry.


Customers’ success is our top priority. Our forward thinking professionals make every effort to solve our customers’ latest manufacturing needs, by providing fully-integrated, one-stop solutions for die casting, plastic injection molding, and machining processes.


Company founded: In 1979, by Mr. Liu Siong Song

Business: Design, manufacture and sale of Die Casting Machines,Plastic Injection Molding Machines & CNC Machining Centers
Production plants: 6 locations in China, 1 in Taiwan and 1 in Italy (Idra srl)
Total Site Area: 800,000 square meters
Sales offices: Over 60 sales offices & service centers in more than 20 countries
Staff: Approximately 3,600 employees worldwide
Company type: Public company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Turnover: 2.7 Billion HKD FY 2020

LK is the solution partner for die casting regardless of the material selection in aluminum, magnesium, zinc or copper alloy. LK focuses on all conventional die casting as well as the latest high vacuum casting, squeeze casting, automation technology for engine block, automotive structural part and etc.

IMPRESS & D-Series (Cold Chamber)

Cold chamber die casting machine including integration of extensive experience and latest technology, for producing non-ferrous alloy such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy etc.

AVIS & CLASSIC (Hot Chamber)

Our advanced hot chamber die casting machines consist of technologies for producing Zinc, Lead alloy product

VISION (Hot Chamber)

Our fast and efficient solution for small parts with high production volumes


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