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Machinery for aluminium casting

Machinery aluminium melting

Design, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of machinery for aluminium foundries.

Krown, Servicios Integrales de Fundición S.A. was born in Madrid (Spain), where currently their main offices and production are located. With a more than 15 year experience, Krown offers an integral service in design, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of machinery to aluminium casting. Our range of products includes a broad variety of equipment to provide a solution to each customer’s specific manufacturing needs in all the processes used: die-casting, by gravity or low pressure.

At Krown, customer service is very important for us, hence, we have created a specialist department formed by a technical team offering an international after-sale service that covers: consultancy, machinery maintenance for aluminium casting, sale of spare parts and consumables, as well as reconstruction of all kind of equipment.


Now we are in a key process within our expansion and internationalisation strategy, which our broad and already consolidated portfolio of customers, demand from us.

So as to offer the best international service, we have an export chain formed by specialised distributors in every territory we operate in. Currently, we still consider external growth as very important and we are creating new business relationships that enable us to continue developing.

In 2016 we set up the first factory and logistic centre in Querétaro Mexico, to strengthen our presence in this market where we are already completely settled in.


This export chain is completed with the consolidation of a highly qualified technical team in different specific areas, with them we offer an integral service in all the countries the foundries we service, are located.


International distribution of machines for aluminium foundries.

In order to ensure good quality in the export service, Krown operates through a chain of specialised distributors in the countries where our customers are located. In addition, to provide and ensure the quality of the service, we have logistic warehouses to supply the machinery for melting aluminium and components in Madrid (Spain), Trieste (Italy),Querétaro (Mexico), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic, Slovakia ), Pune (India) and Istanbul (Turkey)

Equipment for aluminium casting

Machinery for aluminium foundries

Through this wide range of products you will be able to obtain a specific machine, order an engineer-to-order project or “turnkey” and you may even request machine complements for aluminium casting..

The main feature of our catalogue is it provides a great chance of customising. The descriptions offered should be considered as indicative and you should contact technical staff to get expert and full advice on designing the equipment that will adapt to the specifications and specific needs of your foundry.

Dosing furnaces

Melting furnaces

Holding furnaces


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