Today, UniGrup, which houses 4 different companies under its roof, started its activities with Unipol Chemical Industry, which was established in 1995 to represent Polyurethane products.

Unigrup has adopted the principle of being a supporter of successful applications and new products in the sectors where it acts with customer satisfaction and solution oriented strategy.
works with its highly trained specialist staff to provide the most appropriate technology to the customers’ production by supplying the high quality equipment and machinery.

A new vision is added, as needed by the sector, such as system installation, machine retrofits and automation systems. Velacast is the sole agent in Turkey and perpherals of high quality brands such as LK Machinery (Die casting machines), Idra (Die casting machines), Krown (furnace), Meccanica Pierre (trim presses), Unicomp (X-Ray machines), Alrotec (casting chambers and plungers).

21 Mio Ton
World Iron and Steel Casting Manufacturing
4.5 Mio Ton
Europe Non-Ferrous Foundry Production
0.54 Mio Ton
Turkey Non-Ferrous Foundry Production
5.20 Bln Euro
Turkey Non-Ferrous Casting Value 2018

We Shape The Future

We provide buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration
Vision 98%
Plan 90%
Growth 80%

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